Trinsic is one of the most technically competent vendors with whom I have worked. Far too often, vendors are limited to only the solution they provide and not how it ties into our entire suite of technology. Trinsic helped us to configure and support a complex HIPAA compliant network across 12 offices ...Read More

IT Manager
Mentis Nuero

My gratitude goes to the Techs at Trinsic.  They never skip a beat and are always willing to go above and beyond to try and correct and fix issues.  Their promptness is outstanding and always listens to the issue at hand before they try to fix things.  Hats off to those guys!  Keep up the great ...Read More

Admin Coordinator
Genotox Laboratories

The greatest benefit we get from Trinsic is the hands-on approach to solving our technical problems. Trinsic offers remote monitoring and repair but when we need something fixed on site they are there in a moment’s notice. Trinsic is not just another IT firm, they are part of your team.

Manager Patient Access CC Operations
Ascension/Good Health Solutions Center

Trinsic knows how to communicate IT issues so I can budget and make the necessary business decisions. I deal with many vendors and appreciate that Trinsic knows what they are talking about and I can trust the advice they give me is accurate. If you are on the fence about hiring an IT company or ...Read More

Practice Manager
The Urology Team

The knowledge that our servers are being constantly monitored and secured gives us great peace of mind. We have managed to avoid security threats while sending out millions of emails annually and supporting hundreds of clients through our SaaS platform. Trinsic Technologies’ team responds timely ...Read More

Aleshire Law

What is important to our doctors is that our patient data is secure and that we are compliant with HIPAA and can exceed the security requirements. Each year qualification for Medicare reimbursement requires us to have better security than the previous year. We know Trinsic understands this as they ...Read More

Practice Manager
Pain Management Consultants

Trinsic has assisted us through the years with many projects and we are very confident storing our patient data in their private cloud. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to cloud computing and especially efficient in planning and moving data from our offices to the data center. When moving ...Read More

IT Manager
PHDx, Inc.

We had a serious problem with our office Wi-Fi due to the type of construction of our building and it was affecting our doctor’s ability to work. Trinsic researched and found a solution. I liked the fact they took the time to sit down with us and work through the issue. They did a great job ...Read More

Practice Manager
Pediatric Associates of Austin

We have been with Trinsic for many years and they have grown with us. I really appreciate the fact they have Cindy who is our account manager. She is not a techie and cuts through the “geek speak”. She meets with us twice a month to insure all projects are on task and helps me to insure our ...Read More

Office Manager
Genotox Labs